Product line: Local News (Sunday strip, US English)
Delivery batch: Strips 1-4 (4 units)
Delivery time (MMM dd, yyyy) America/New_York: The delivery batch has not been delivered yet.
Color versions: Color Grayscale Bitmap
Contract id: 164

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Strips, file format pdf
Color sample
 Strips 1-4 color (4 units)

Total 4 units
Grayscale sample
 Strips 1-4 grayscale (4 units)

Total 4 units
Bitmap sample
 Strips 1-4 bitmap (4 units)

Total 4 units
Logos, file format pdf
 Logos 1-2 color (2 units)

Total 2 units
 Logos 1-2 grayscale (2 units)

Total 2 units
 Logos 1-2 bitmap (2 units)

Total 2 units

Customer information:
Publication: Syrjäälän Sanomat
Default delivery batch size: 26 units
Publishing rate: 52 units/year

Date and time format: (MMM dd, yyyy) America/New_York
Start of billing period: Jun 10, 2010, 6:26:57 AM
End of billing period: Jul 08, 2010, 8:26:57 AM

Your contact: Timo Kähkönen, royalcomics [AT], tel. +358 40 5400258

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