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Bill and Esther

The main characters in the comic, Bill and Esther, are both baby boomers. They grew up during the 60s, so their cultural heritage is more instrumental rock and James Dean than the polka and the golden age of cinema. Now, after having been fortunate enough to be able to retire early, the couple is enjoying a second youth.

Their careers allowed both to accumulate a moderate retirement, and the golden handshake Bill received when he was pushed out of the railroad during a restructuring left him with a small nest egg. The couple has augmented this nest egg through wise application of the experience Esther gained as an investment advisor at a bank before she was downsized herself in a merger of two banks in the wake of the financial crisis.

Now Bill and Esther have the time and opportunity for a third phase of life, enjoying their free time, hobbies, and travel. However, the realities of life sometimes creep up on them. Who would have thought a retiree would be so busy? The house has to be remodeled and the summer cottage fixed up, they have to make it on time to their hobbies, and they have to keep up with old friends. Their children are also a constant source of concern, even though they all left the nest long ago.

Bill and Esther's son Miles, who works as a reporter, doesn't seem to have the first clue about establishing his own family. He's currently cohabiting with his girlfriend, an English teacher named Patty, and there aren't any signs of grandkids on the way despite his parents' subtle hinting.

Their daughter Eva, a nurse without a permanent position anywhere, has fulfilled their expectations in the grandchildren department with distinction. Eve has three utterly darling rugrats, whom she is raising as a single parent. Bill and Esther don't have any firm information about the children's fathers, but judging from little Kim's skin color, there must have been at least two of them.

The comic follows Bill, Esther, and their closest acquaintances through the oddities and delights of everyday life.

    Bill and Esther
Picture © Timo Kähkönen
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